Since 2001 the center is providing information and methodological support.

    Purpose and objectives:
    Improvement of the multifunctional model of training the future teachers in accordance with modern requirements
    improving the information culture and the development of modern information technology links and educational process
    to provide each individual the information through the implementation of the mega information and communication technologies in educational process
    improving consumer and professional culture of students living in hall of residence, providing teachers and students conditions corresponding to the requirements
    create conditions to improvement and self-teaching staff
    introduction of control over the implementation of curricula and qualifications in accordance with the general educational standard
    verification of compliance training programs and work plans for model curricula programs and their analysis
    assistance in finding employment of college graduates in the preparation of the necessary specialists
    preparation of specific programs and plans, their implementation in an amount effective forms of assistance to teachers and students
    improving relationships Methodists and teachers using ICT, design and interactive forms of methodical work
    improving the mechanism for monitoring the quality of methodical work
    There are 1 manager centers, 1 network administrator, 1 technician, 1 programmer, 3 laboratory assistant working in.

    The main activities of IMC:
    Informational methodological center
    Information service
    Technology service
    Internet activities
    Improvement of ICT-competence
    Organizational-methodical work
    Mythological and technical assistance to the science-practical conference, festivals, thematic evenings and events and lessons conducted by the College. In the educational process to apply ICT 4 multimedia projectors, 5 FIKIinteractive projectors, 4 interactive whiteboards firm’s "Promethean" and learning tools: ActivBoard, ActivStudio, ActivTablet, ActivOut, mobile screen, mini-printing “Work-Center”, mobile computer lab, 4 multimedia computer labs, an electronic reading room, a training workshop and a satellite channel distance learning.

    IMC conducted the following activities:

    Publishing, design teaching of collections;
    Preparation on the computer to the necessary means of training;
    Communications and Information technology service process of education;
    information interchange with publishing “Foliant”;
    supply of e-books, EMS;
    ICT competence definition of the students;
    organization and control of interactive classrooms;
    provide forum in the interactive mode;
    to provide participation of students in automated program of managing training “Tamos University Suite;
    provide methodological support the organization of the event.

    Information service
    There are automated programs and educational control: Tamos, Pifagor, electronic journal. According with government order the group by specialty 0105000 “Primary education” and 0105013 “Primary school teacher” will get ready by credit technology.

    With an automated learning management software Tamos University Suite to operate each student with the program, obtaining the necessary information during the school year information-methodical center and office receptionist in order to facilitate work on this technology.

    The next types of activities are doing during the year:

    Technical service
    Most of the activities of the center is aimed at maintaining the computers college, providing technical equipment of the events.

    At the beginning of the school year is controlled by software, computer training rooms for the following school year.

    During of this year weekly and monthly, manufactured computer repair, virus scan, destroying unwanted files, defragmenting hard drives.

    During the year, activities include:

    technical support for computer information;
    control automatic programs running to study Tamos University Suite;
    control filling ink printers;
    Update and establishment of computer programs, also update antivirus program;
    technical equipment of the conference, seminars and events held in college.
    Internet Job
    Computer classes are connected college’s to the Intranet and Intranet and wireless local area network. Participation of teachers college has the opportunity to get the necessary information from the Internet. A student who has netbook can connect to college on the Internet and download the information. College website is updated monthly, the site address on the Internet: www.pedcolleg.kz.

    During the year, is gathering information to update the material site college, checking email, the drafting of distance learning courses are organized by the use of the Internet.

    The fulfilling technology intensiveness of the practice "Working with the Internet and other activities."

    Improving ICT – competence
    In order to improve ICT - competence of teachers and students are encouraged during scheduled course on working with the Internet, on the application of interactive technology training, seminars and trainings.

    The Center provides assistance in organizing jointprofessional development workers Regional Department of Education and Teacher Training Institute and every year have arranged the competition in college in computer science among students in the Online mode “Leader of the 21st century”, “The best interactive lesson”, “Student of the Year”, “Teacher of the year”, Web-Olympiad in mathematics among teachers.