The story of college

    Pedagogical college after Zh.Dosmukhamedov are one of the best ancient educational institution in Republic of Kazakhstan.

    The story begins from the opening of the college in West Kazakhstan region 1913 teaching of seminars.

    In 1920 on the basis of the seminary was opened 4-year pedagogic technical secondary school. Before the opening in Uralsk pedagogical institute was one of the important educational institution republic and oblast.


    In 1937 Pedagogical technical secondary school has been changed and was named the Uralsk Normal School.


    During the Great Patriotic War, the school was transferred to the village Formanovo.


    In 1957 regarding the opening of the Faculty of Education (Department prepares educators gardens and primary school teachers) in the Uralsk Institute of Education were not receive Normal School.

    In 1967 in connection with closing of the Faculty of Education opened again the Uralsk Normal School.

    In 1994 the school of attaining the status of college.


    In 1998 college is given a name of famous Kazakh leader Zh.Dosmukhamedov. In 2003 before the college building was set a monument Zh.Dosmukhamedov.

    Within the walls of the college have a rich history, have been prepared over 50 thousand graduates.

    Among the graduates are famous people, who rose to the status of a public figure as: writer Genke Viktor Aleksandrovich, the first teacher hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova, deserved Worker of the Republic Zaiceva Valentina Grigorevna, deserved Worker of the Republic, composer Bazarbai Zhumaniyazov, the rector of Pedagogical Institute Rogbin, professor, the doctor of mathematical sciences A. Zoryshikov and etc.

    The college prepares pedagogical staff on the following to 11 specialties:

    -0101000 “Preschool education and training”;

    -0102000 “Organization education works (by levels)”;

    -0103000 “Physical training and sport”;

    -0104000 “Professional education (on branches)”;

    -0105000 “Elementary education”;

    -0106000 “Fine art and drawing”;

    -0107000 “Technology”;

    -0108000 “Musical education”;

    -0111000 “The basic secondary education”;

    -0511000 “The Tourism (on branches)”;

    -1305000 “Information systems”.

    In college work 123 teachers, of which 51 highest and 28 the first category, 2 doctors of pedagogical sciences, 3 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 12 masters, 4 undergraduates.

    In college trained 2017 students, including 656 students - under the state order, 1361 - on a commercial basis.

    The learning activities are used 57 classrooms, of which 3 lingua-phone cabinet, 9 computer classes, 2 mobile computer labs, 2 electronic teaching rooms, 2 studios, а gym.

    The informational training college environment designed automated work places that are equipped with modern technical equipment for teachers and students. In the educational process are used 310 computers, 29 multimedia, interactive projectors, 6 interactive whiteboards, 2 touch screen, multimedia podium, touch kiosk, interactive complex «Eureka» in 3D in physics, chemistry, biology, MFP Work-Center 5735, ColorQube 9201 . All computers connected to the Internet tariff plan «iD Net Econom / iD Phone», at a speed of 32 Mbit/s.

    In 2000, 2009 in the republican contest “The Best College”, “The best school of TVE” the college took the third place in 2006, 2009 in the regional competition “The Best College of the Year”, “The Best school TVE” the college won the 1th place.

    Since 1991, the College conducted research work on several fronts, the result of which was the defense of a doctoral, three master's, 12 master's theses. Currently, the College conducted experimental work in six areas-graduate candidates NAO by I.Altynsarin.

    In order to determine the professional competence of teachers of college applied automated program “Diagnosis of methodical preparation of the teacher in terms of ICT” (author: Director pedagogical college after Zh.Dosmuhamedov, d.p.s. professor Kurmanalina Sh.Kh.) to determine a teacher's rating, held comparative analysis.

    The library fund is 74105 textbooks and teaching aids. With the program “Library science” was introduced in order to create an electronic library since 2010.

    In the educational process of college composed used by domestic, foreign authors 254 digital education fund (24 of them - a multimedia education program, 195 electronic textbooks and electronic - methodical systems 35 e-learning). Among them are composed in college textbooks, electronic methodical system. Electronic methodical system of “Methods of teaching mathematics in primary school” electronic textbooks “Theoretical Foundations of Mathematics”, “Mathematics” for grades 1-4, made the director of the college, d.p.c. professor Kurmanalina Sh.Kh. in Russian and Kazakh languages. They are the primary means of training in the specialty 0105013 “Primary school teacher”. Electronic methodical system “anatomy, physics and hygiene younger students” c.p.s. Nabidollinoy Sh.S. prepared in Russian. Electronic methodical system “Theoretical Foundations of Economics” and the electronic textbook “Economics for elementary school” c.p.s. Khamitova K.Z. used in the study of “Fundamentals of Economics” subject.

    Since 2001 in college has started to work educational – methodical association on propensities to “Education”. Humanitarian and pedagogical colleges Republic of Kazakhstan carry out training according to 9 standards generated by pedagogical college. 60 author of textbook and EMC have been tested in colleges RK, which are issued for mass circulation in the publishing house “Foliant” since 2006.

    Director of the College, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of RK, academician of the International Academy of Informatization, the chairman of the Republican educational-methodical association on a profile "Education", Chairman of the Technical and Vocational Training Board Institutions of the West Kazakhstan region Kurmanalina Shalhyma Hayrullaevna - author of professional standards the field of “Early Childhood Care and education”, “Physical culture and sport”, “vocational training”, “Primary education”, “Basic education”, drawn up in the framework of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan and the World Bank's development of technical and vocational education “Modernization technical and vocational education”, by the methodology of “Development of model curricula and specialties and disciplines TVE programs based on professional standards”.

    In 2003 the Republican exhibition “The program and information technologies in education” electronic methodical system on the methods of teaching mathematics awarded a diploma the second degree.

    In 2004 and 2006 the college became the student of III and IV International Forum “Education Informatization in Kazakhstan and CIS countries”.

    Since 2005 the college is a member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan.


    In 2007  the college received a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2001.


    In 2007 the college participated in the national exhibition of textbooks and teaching materials “State language – a golden pedestal of the country”. And also in 2008 at the international exhibition “Education – Investment into Success” held in Astrakhan. The college signed a memorandum with Astrakhan socio – pedagogical college on mutual cooperation.

    In 2008 the college has won Grand prize at republican festival “The Best Methodical Service”.

    In 2009 on the basis of the college held Republican scientific – methodical conference on “The role of teacher training in the modernization of technical and vocational education system” in which a college fair professions represented.

    Since 2009 started experimental work for the implementation of credit and distance learning technologies in the specialty 0105000 “Elementary education”.

    By the decision of the Republican educational-methodical council of the author's program “model of identity formation”, textbook “Teaching Management System in TVE”, “Interactive teaching methods” are distributed in the country.

    In order to implement the State Program of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 in college introduced an e-learning elements (e-leaning). Since 2010, the college created automated work places, information and learning environment, embedded electronic control. Timetable of classes prepared by an integrated electronic program “Time Table”.

    Since 2011 in-depth study of English in the teaching process is implemented multimedia course project English Discoveries in offline and online mode. English Discoveries program includes a 10-level multimedia course. On the basis of this program, carried out experimental work on the implementation of polylinguism in several specialties. In 2015 were issued the first specialists, primary school teachers, science, self-knowledge of the Kazakh language and literature, English language proficiency.

    With the 2013-2014 school year for all specialties at the expense of extracurricular activities implemented subject of “Advanced English”.

    In 2013 the college celebrated its 100-year anniversary. In honor of this significant date was held Republican scientific-practical conference “Introduction of innovative technologies in technical and vocational education system”.

    From 2014-2015 school year the college introduced an electronic control and monitoring system. It was combined RMS TektonIT, ITALC program and RVI IP-video system that allows you to monitor, control and manage classrooms.

    In May 2015 the Director Sh.H.Kurmanalina Sh.H. college showcased within the imperial hours “On the quality of textbooks and the provision of general secondary institutions, technical and vocational education” textbooks and teaching aids, online tutorials, educational and professional standards developed by a team of pedagogical college after Zh.Dosmuhamedov. Sh.H.Kurmanalina briefed the deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science from the author's college collective achievements.


    In 2015  the college held institutional accreditation by the Kazakhstan Agency for quality assurance in education and state certification college.


    In the 2016-2017 school year introduced elective course “Robotics” open office “Robotics”.

    Based MES RK orders and holding “Kasipkor” director of college Kurmanalina Sh.Kh. “Preschool education and training” was approved by the chief expert of the national competition for the competence of the WSK in 2016.

    Teacher of Physics and Informatics Eralieva A.O. (2013) and a teacher of English language Muhsinova A.N. (2015) became the winners of the republican contest “The best teacher”.

    As a result, the full list of rankings of business entity for the Republic of Kazakhstan 2013-2014, Pedagogical College after Zh.Dosmuhamedov among 100 successful organizations (gold) and among the 30 educational organizations WKO (Gold) awarded the 1st place. College was awarded the medal “Industry Leader 2015”, National Certificate “Industry Leader – 2015”.


    College on the basis of a bilateral agreement cooperates with base schools, preschools region and the city of Uralsk, ZKGU im.M.Utemisova, WKATU named after Zhangir Khan, KazIITU, training center “Andas”.

    In order to improve the training of students on specialties 0105033 “Teacher of foreign language primary education” 0106000 “Fine Arts and Drawing” 0107000 “Technology” established cooperation with the Scottish company AMEC. An agreement on cooperation and joint training with Cambridge Regional College, UK.

    The college established a network of clubs on interests, “Daryn”, “Zerde”, “Serpіn”, “Harmony”, “Inspiration”, “House of Friendship”; pedagogical detachment “Zhayyk zhastary”; student construction teams; Leadership School, a public association “Azhar”, volunteers to promote a healthy lifestyle “Care”, a club of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and labor “continuity of generations”.