Mission of SMSI Pedagogical college after Zh.Dosmukhamedov departments of education of the West Kazakhstan region - preparation of intellectual elite of society through preservation and improvement of universal cultural wealth, satisfaction of needs of the state for specialists of the TIPO organizations on the basis of integration of educational process with innovations.

    Mission: SMSI " Pedagogical college after Zh.Dosmukhamedov " departments of education of the West Kazakhstan region – a scientific and methodical educational complex which carries out training of competitive, competent experts of the average level, the center of education and integration of education, introduction of scientific researches.

    Aspiration: College - the leader in system of TIPO of Kazakhstan, the methodical center which carries out training of competitive, competent experts of the average level, effectively applying advanced technologies training methods.

    The strategic areas of work of college are defined:

    • The organization of the complex actions of teaching and educational process of college directed on formation of leadership skills of the personality capable to make independent decisions, ready to interaction and the cross-cultural relations, responsible for destiny of the country for realization of national idea "The independent country" offered in the Message of the President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev "The Kazakhstan way – 2050: uniform purpose, uniform interests, uniform future";

    • Creation of conditions for development of personal and professional competences of teachers and students, training of competitive experts in compliance requirements of the professional standard;

    • Creation information training, health of the preserving environment of conditions for self-improvement and disclosure of intellectual and physical capacities of the personality, development of spiritual and moral values of future expert;

    • For the purpose of performance of actions for realization "A state program of a development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2020" in the conditions of electronic training (e-leaning) to improve works of pedagogical collective, development of the information training environment;

    • To continue introduction of new technologies of training, electronic textbooks, electronic and methodical system in teaching and educational process, improvement of work of multimedia offices;

    • To improve the automated monitoring system and electronic control;

    • To create conditions to graduates of college for receiving several specialties with granting opportunities of profound studying of English and acquisition of three languages;

    • To introduce bases of pedagogical management in teaching and educational process;

    • To continue market researches of labor market and monitoring;

    • To continue work of coordination council, to improve interaction with social partners;

    • To continue work on patriotic education of youth and increase of their social, civil activity;

    • To increase professional competence of teachers, to systematize work on an activity self-assessment;

    • Planning of the actions devoted to the 23rd anniversary of the Constitution of RK, the 20 anniversary of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, to holding the international exhibition "EXPO-2017".

    In college purposeful work on preservation of the contingent of students, application of ICT in teaching and educational process and on creation of electronic and methodical system, development of interaction with international and social partners is carried out.

    The purposes of college on improvement of quality of knowledge: training of competent, competitive world-class specialists, creation of the conditions opening spiritual, intellectual and professional opportunities of future experts.


    - Updating of the content of education, strategy of quality of education;

    - Creation of the health saving environment of training;

    - Creation of the environment of the socialization forming national cultural values;

    - For the purpose of high-quality training creation of the information training environment, training of collective in skills of work with information resources.

    - Creation of the automated workplaces of teachers and students.

    - Creation of necessary conditions for formation of the personality focused on the end result for development of relationship "student-teacher-parent".

    - On the basis of modernization the content of education and introduction of new technologies of training to develop creative thinking, increase of methodical, pedagogical skill, formation personal - professional competence of the expert;

    - Effective use of the available resources, introduction of the new organizational and economic mechanisms providing attraction of additional finance.

    - Introduction of requirements of innovative management.

    Expected result/model of future expert:

    - The expert of an average link, competitive in the conditions of labor market, competent, knowing the profession and three languages;

    - The expert owning knowledge according to requirements of the professional standard, socially and professionally mobile, seeking for continuous professional growth and for training during life;

    - Improvement of image, constancy of a rating of college among the TIPO RK organizations.

    Main activities of college: conducting educational activity, educational work, social partnership and social protection of teachers, workers and students.

    Planning of activity of college, the organization and control in the following directions:

    - social environment of formation of national cultural values;

    - health saving environment;

    - the information training environment;

    - realization of policy trilingualism;

    - research, assessment of activity of excellent students and teachers.

    Problems of the social environment forming national cultural values:

    - education of patriotism, national consciousness;

    - education of culture of relationship;

    - formation of information culture;

    - solution of non-standard situations, training in modulation of the training program;

    - creation of the information training environment, orientation of trainees on system thinking;

    - formation of skills of management and self-government.

    Problems of the health saving environment:

    - creation of conditions of health protection of students, teachers, workers;

    - establishment of an order, purity in college according to sanitary and hygienic norms;

    - activization of work of sports clubs and sections;

    - strengthening of sports material resources.

    Involvement of future teachers for work in the information training environment:

    - creation of the automated workplaces of teachers and students;

    - increase of qualification level of teachers on the basis of diagnostics of readiness for methodical work of future teachers with the automated program;

    - distribution of the hours given in the curriculum regarding for choice to development of kompetentnost informative, communicative, self-management.

    - training of students for pedagogical activity on the basis of the "teacher of a new formation-the organizer (supervisor)" model.

    Realization of policy trilingualism:

    - creation of conditions of learning of foreign languages at the high level;

    - high-quality continuation 10-level trainings of English teachers on the project of the multimedia course English Discoveries Online\Offline;

    - the organization of meetings and trainings with foreign volunteers.

    Assessment and studying of work of excellent students and teachers:

    - creation of uniform system of an assessment of teaching, education level and abilities of each trained;

    - organization of the competitions "Teacher of Year", "The Best Stuff", "The Best Office", "The Best Section", etc.;

    - creation of conditions for active participation in republican, regional competitions;

    - improvement of rating system of an assessment of activity of the teacher;

    - studying of ways of replenishment of a methodical portfolio of the teacher;

    - realization of interactive relationship "the teacher - the student" in the education directed on result.